SO I have two speaking exams coming up in the next few weeks, so I am totally stressing out. I have to choose a picture and talk about it for a minute before answering questions afterwards for a few minutes. It’s not too difficult (it’s only GCSE after all) but I haven’t chosen my picture or written/learnt a script for the Chinese and I have to revise my French so I know it better :////


Numbers in Polish!

I love this math game in Polish. It really helps me learn the numbers well.

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You know you’re a languages person when you procrastinate studying one language by taking up another.

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  • German: "ich kann" comes from the verb "können"
  • Dutch: "ik kan" comes from the verb "kunnen"
  • French: "je peux" comes from the verb "pouvoir"
  • Italian: "(io) posso" comes from the verb "potere"
  • Spanish: "(yo) puedo" comes from the verb "poder"
  • Croatian: "(ja) mogu" comes from the verb "moći"
  • English: "I can" comes from the verb... oh fuck.

Polyglot Punishment


Did you hear about the french chef who committed suicide? He simply lost the huile d’olive.

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Guys please don’t make a س

No pain, no غ

Hit me up in the afterن

mary had a little ل

My ك muscles are sore after going to the ج.

I’m really not feeling well, I have such an awful ق

We should make this into an internet م

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So excited to watch this asap!!! I wish it was showing in cinemas outside Brazil :((

So excited to watch this asap!!! I wish it was showing in cinemas outside Brazil :((

When Reading a Sentence in your Target Language


"I know all of these words but put together they make no sense"

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